Here are the links to some of my media productions. There have been many projects that I have worked on through my media students that are not represented, yet. I am compiling a set of vids that demonstrate my teaching work.

My YouTube videos.

My Vimeo videos.

I will be consolidating the vids soon. For now I am stretched out over both sites.


The main purpose, mission statement reason for me working on this site is to bring better visual communication to the world.

This is a rather large statement, something that is worthy of a mission. But as I have been teaching digital communications now for over a dozen years, I have come to recognize the good, the bad and all the efforts to communicate in a media saturated world.

My credentials are as valid as many self taught practitioners in the digital age. What counts is the ability to get the job done right, to keep it within the budget and be easy to work with so that the challenges are positive.
My goal is to create materials that exhibit a visual logic to them. That the Communication has a purpose, a duration and a voice. The Techniques used demonstrate creative applications of light, camera and sound. And that the Critique is used to improve each step includes a defendable design, excellent technical execution and a visual logic that captures the attention of the viewer.

So if you have a media project in your future, I would welcome the chance to sit and discuss how best to make it happen.


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